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Recoloring (AKA Before and After)

So a few days ago I got mildly annoyed that in the printed out version of my Kusahnia picture, Her skin is so dark it's hard to make out details. Which inspired me to make a copy of the original .ora file, open it, and go through a series of steps to get rid of the skin color so I could put new skin color in a layer beneath the lines, because it was a picture I drew before I began experimenting with layers. It turned out pretty well, and I will be posting it here:

A close-up:

Compare to the old one:

Also, yesterday I began the same process for Kusahnjijahn, but since She has more skin showing, it took longer to do. In fact, because of a back ache, I gave up before I was done cleaning up the image. I'll post it once it's done.

I'll not be redoing Kiin'Djahn, however. Or Ahgoi. Those stripes... I have no effing clue how to even BEGIN shading skin that's striped.

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