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Racism in Hollywood

Being on Tumblr so much has changed how I view the world. I used to watch Stargate Atlantis without much trouble. Now I watch it and I'm like, "Wait, so Taylah is the only person of color in her entire village? How does THAT work?" And of course, "Gee, look at all these white people in a foreign galaxy. Where are the people of color? Oh there's one, the sole survivor after his culture was wiped out by the Wraith. Hmmm... coincidence? I think not." I have noticed that the humans from Earth have more diversity in their group than the entire Pegasus galaxy combined so far.

I will give them this much recognition: there is pretty good diversity in the team from Earth, with blacks, Asians, and other races among the scientists and military. And as far as I can tell so far, very few POCs in the Atlantis team die. Still, while they were good about diversity in the group from Earth, they sucked horribly on diversity among the humans of Pegasus.

The original Stargate series was MUCH better about race issues, since there were brown Egyptians, and the people of Chulac were mostly black. There were also Asian characters, and one of the Gould "gods" looked African. And they did have an India Indian gould, but they made the mistake of using a Hindu deity for that, and naturally the Hindus were PISSED. Hell, I'm not a Hindu and *I* was pissed off by that as well. (As a pagan, I don't really like how all the Goulds pretend to be pagan gods, and the closest they got to a Gould pretending to be a Christian god was one that pretended to be Satan. But being such a small minority as 'neo-pagan,' I just sigh and keep watching.)

Granted, they DID kind of sneakily do Christianity in the guise of the religion of Origin (and the Ori beings), and while technically that was still a polytheism, it looked quite a bit like Christianity, especially Catholocism. Especially inasmuch as the Ori insisted on such utter devotion that all unbelievers had to be converted or destroyed. Sneaky way of covering the major modern Abrahamic religions, I give them kudos for that. After all, if you're gonna piss on all those other religions, might as well piss on everyone while you're at it. Honestly, the only religion they gave any kind of good treatment to in that series was they had some things somewhat like Buddhism, which was done well and respectfully.

Adding: Okay, so there were some people of color in the village that Athar protects, so there's that. Still...

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