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A pagan, a Christian, and a Muslim...

My roommate and I have been having problems with the neighbors in the apartment above us. First, the woman's child is a little hell-beast that can literally shake the walls and does so when we're trying to sleep. The managers don't care because they're slum lords that have tried once already to have us evicted so they can "flip" the apartment.

Lately, the woman has been setting off her smoke alarm every 15 minutes when she cooks. I'd say she's a bad cook, but honestly, when I first moved in I found the smoke detectors so sensitive that they'd go off if I used the electric kettle (which was nowhere near the smoke detector), the steam would set it off. So we take the battery out when cooking.

We got so annoyed with this latest trend that we actually went up there the other day (me fighting acrophobia the whole time) to teach the poor woman (a Muslim we suspect is an immigrant) how to take the battery out of the thing when she cooks. Which she seems to have been doing.

But here's the thing: I'm a pagan. My roommate is a Christian. When we got back, my roommate said, "How long does it take a pagan, a Christian, and a Muslim to take the battery out of a smoke detector? Sounds like the start of a bad joke."

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