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Electric tea lights and dream altars

I, a neo-mythos neo-pagan who lives in the city, prefer electric tea lights for practical reasons. Sure, I like regular candles too, because - as Buffy said, "Fire pretty." However, I live in an apartment with a smoke detector that goes off even when the room gets too steamy, let alone smoky, and my regular candles put out a fuckton of soot and smoke. (And I use 6 pillar candles and 2 taper candles when I use real candles.) Hence electric tea lights (other electric candles would be nice, but are too pricey), which have the same flickering quality as regular candles.

Plus, no chance of catching the house on fire, spilling hot wax on the carpet, or overheating the room with electric tea lights. I can also keep the fan on without the electric candles guttering and/or going out. Also, if they do go out, the batteries can be replaced, though it would probably be cheaper to buy new ones. And I'm gonna go find out sometime if this place that recycles electronics and appliances will take used up electric tea lights to recycle. If not, well... maybe someone has some idea how to reuse them somehow. I know, at least, that there are places to take the spent batteries.

Oh, and it would be cool if I could go to the cement stonehenge replica across from Briggs, Oregon whenever I wanted. And if I did, all the wind up there would make regular candles kind of pointless. Maybe next winter solstice I'll take some electric tea lights with me on the pagan meetup's trip up there, just in case they're willing to use them.

Honestly, though, if I had my way and money was no object, I'd live in a proper house with a fire pit in the back yard as an altar, just like the Shao'Bahn temples in some of my Traipah stories have. Of course, I would have to learn how to make fire without accelerants, or use something like alcohol as an accelerant because it smells the least objectionable. Because I need plenty of room to dance around a fire, singing.

Barring that, I would love to have an entire altar room, altar in the middle of the room. The room would be big enough to dance around in, would have a stone or cement floor, be on the ground floor, would have GREAT acoustics, and be soundproofed from the rest of the house so as to not bother others. Because whenever I have the opportunity to do so, I am quite boisterous and energetic, getting a lot of exercise during ritual. (And I would do more rituals if I had such an altar room.)

Oh, and the outdoor altar would need to have fences or whatnot to keep out prying eyes, hopefully from people inside the house as well, since I would want to be nude if possible.

But, in the meantime, electric tea lights.

And lastly, it would be cool if I could buy an old church and let anyone - especially pagans - come in to use it as a ritual space.

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