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Magick and rain

It used to be, back in Iowa, that whenever I did a ritual or other magick, it would rain. Which was no coincidence because Iowa air hoards water like a miser hoards money. So it was like the magick shook loose the water into rain.

Because it usually rains a lot in Portland, Oregon, I haven't been paying attention to any magick/rain correlations. But we've been in a kind of drought lately, it hasn't - to my knowledge - rained for weeks, which is highly unusual for Portland in the winter.

So imagine my surprise when I finally end a weeks (maybe even months) long ritual drought of my own by doing a ritual last night, mostly to calm myself down but also just because, and the next day I go outside and it's raining. Coincidence? I doubt it, in this case.

And because we've needed it so badly, I've taken to chanting a sort of magickal song I came up with, partly in English and partly in Trai'pahg'nan'nog:

      Praise unto the rain, unto the rain, unto the rain!
      Make this rain sustain, and maintain, maybe gain!
      Praise unto the rain, unto the rain, unto the rain!
      Make this rain sustain, and maintain, maybe gain!

And various other rhymes, like "rain falls on the earth, on the earth, fills us with mirth" or "assuage our pain" to rhyme with rain, and so on.

TPNN part:

      Viishoo ahgahg ahlahr, gweb-piikyl, gweb-piikyl!
      (vee shoo ah gog ah larr, gweb peek uhl, gweb peek uhl)


      Maintain/sustain current/present action, rain, rain!

And of course the alternate:

      Viishoo ahgahg ahlahr, ahgahg ahlahr, ahgahg ahlahr, gwebpiikyl, gwebpiikyl!


      Maintain/sustain current/present action, current/present action, rain, rain!

And I have now been doing it long enough today that it's going through my head, which I don't mind in this case.

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