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Wacom tablet being dumb

I am gonna have to contact the Wacom company about the Wacom tablet I own, because it's been kind of annoying lately. Well, it's been annoying before, but even more so now.

It all started years ago when the tablet suddenly started refusing to work on either of my computers, which were both running only Windows at that time. Then when I got Ubuntu on my laptop, I tried it there and it worked in Ubuntu where it wouldn't work in Windows, but then it had this tendency to freak the hell out occasionally. I tried turning off the track pad that is built into the laptop, and that helped a lot. Can't have that on, or any other mouse or thing of that sort, or it starts freaking out. And by freaking out, I mean the cursor jumps around crazily on its own, right-clicks stuff, regular clicks on things, etc. Well, making sure it was the only human interface device plugged into the computer, and making sure it was plugged in before turning on the computer, solved the freaking out problem for a while. Oh yeah, I also had to get into the settings and turn off all of the buttons on both the tablet AND then pen, so all that was left working was the touchpad and the pen.

But lately, it's been doing two annoying things. First, when I'm trying to draw/paint on MyPaint, it switches brushes whenever the pen lifts too far from the screen (well, half the time or more, not every time), and then makes these giant blobs of solid color on the image, marring it. I have to hit ctrl+z to undo the blobs every effing time it does that. Luckily, it switches back to the right brush when the pen is close enough to the writing surface.

That was bad enough, but now it's started to do that "freaking out" thing again on occasion. If the pen is close enough to the writing surface, nothing unusual happens, but lift the pen away, even long enough to use the eraser, and it often starts freaking out. The only way to get it to stop is to unplug the tablet and use a mouse instead. Then if I want to use the tablet again, I have to turn off the computer, plug in the tablet again, and turn it on. And that doesn't always work. Sometimes it takes days to go back to normal for maybe an hour.

So, gonna have to call them or something and find out what the cat-buggering hell is going on.

About the only good thing I can say about this problem is that when the tablet used to work just fine, I would get so much "in the zone" while drawing that I'd look up and it would be 8 or 10 AM, so I'd been up all night. But the problem has made it take a week or two to get as far on my Kiishiiya (my guardian spirit) drawing as coloring Her face in.

Which reminds me, I was actually hesitant to draw Kiishiiya because the first form of Her that came to mind first was too complicated for me to feel like I could draw it. Luckily, She gave me another form to draw, in which She looks like a naga with sharp teeth and brown skin on the human half. I love the picture, and if my tablet was cooperating with me, I would have had it done a week or two ago.

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