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[The following was written Tuesday] =

The other day, Cat Faye (a mutual friend of Lilla and I) and I were talking about art and drawing, and she gave me an idea/bit of advice: shade a picture with different shades of the same color. So today (Tuesday. Well... technically Wednesday), I started on this one picture of Shao'Kehn that my inspiration demanded I draw. And... I am in awe of my work so far.

She is in a squatting position, with eight arms, each doing its own thing more or less (sometimes interacting with other arms). She is also very nude, and Her grah'bihn is out and curling around Her arm. I have everything colored except for four of the arms, and a weapon two of them are holding. From start to current pause, the work has taken an incredibly long amount of time. I started it at around 3 or 4 PM, and except for a few food breaks and eye-resting breaks, I did not stop drawing until 2 AM. That's... [boggles] almost ten hours of work!

And like I said, I am in awe of it, so far. It is so realistic and beautiful. I'm especially giddy at the work on Her grah'bihn, it's AMAZING looking. (Hypothetical conversation: “Is that a snake?” “No.” “A large worm?” “Close.” “Is it something naughty?” “If by 'naughty' you mean 'sexy,' then yes.” “So that's...” “Yup.” “Okay...” “It's prehensile, and retractable!” “It's long enough She could put it down Her own throat while standing up!” “That's about average size for one of those.” “ [boggles] ” [pause] “Why is it green?” “Because they're green when the person is a fertile adult. The ones children have are yellow to denote immaturity, and infertile people... theirs turns purple.” “So their Viagra would have to be green, I guess.” “LOL! Yup.”)

[I am also usually rather shy about drawing grahbihns, I only have two pictures of deities with theirs out, one of Grah'Bahn and one of Shao'Kehn. And the one of Shao'Kehn has it being very small. Which was not my intention. Well, it ain't small or shy in this one! (I have no idea why I get shy drawing grahbihns, I didn't used to.) ]

I sure have gotten plenty of practice drawing hands today, too. (I loathe drawing hands, they're so difficult!) Eight arms! The two I had a picture to use as a model for them were quick going, but the rest were very difficult to do, and I had to keep using my reflection in the mirror as a model.

Oh, and aside from that “family portrait” picture I have not yet finished, this is the first time I've ever colored in Shao'Kehn. I almost always shade Her in, but this is the first time I've used color on Her, or any symbol of Her... well, except for Shyao-Shyo's boat.

I just keep staring at it, awed.

~ ~ ~
The following was written the next day (Wednesday) =

I finished it! Took several more hours to finish. Here it is:

Be warned, it's kinda NSFW, cuz She's nude (full frontal).

Hosted it at LiveJournal because Photobucket gets weird about NSFW pictures, and LJ doesn't.

When Amy saw it, she asked if Shao'Kehn was, like, "Hispanic or something," which I was glad to hear her ask, because as I told her, Shao'Kehn "has amber skin and amber eyes, with black hair." Though in this drawing, I gave Her flaming eyes because I couldn't find the right color.

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