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My weird body

*sigh* There are a lot of weird things about my body. Like, caffeine is not a stimulant for me. Up to a certain point, it relaxes me. Past that point, I get the friggin jitters. It's a symptom of ADD, but I don't think I have that. I think I might have SCT, which stands for Sluggish Cognitive Tempo; many mental conditions only sound like me a little bit, but SCT sounds exactly like me (except that my Asperger's gives me hyper-focus ability at times). I'm going to have to ask my shrink about it. Which means getting an appointment made.

Also, I run hotter than most people. The other day, Amy was so cold she was wrapped in blankets and I thought it was just a wee bit past comfortably warm; 70 F is the beginning of truly uncomfortable for me.

Oh, and you know that whole thing about "take a cold shower" to get rid of horniness? Doesn't work with me. I take room temperature showers or cooler, and the colder the water, the hornier I get. (To a point.)

Also, the hotter it gets, the slower and duller I get, like a Discworld yeti. And likewise, the colder it is, the more alert I am, and the sharper my mind. (To a point.) Kind of weird, I guess, for the avatar of a fire Goddess. Ah well, Chaos Fire isn't like regular fire. It only *looks* like fire; it doesn't put out any heat. Chaos Fire is living energy that eats practically any form of matter or energy it can find, but prefers Creation Onyx. Anyway...

Cold only bothers me when I sleep. I need it to be 65 F at night to be comfy; any colder and I start dreaming about looking for sweaters, etc to keep warm. Only thing is, if it's hotter than 60, I can't easily get to sleep. (In summer, I have to sleep either naked or in undies, and have the fan on high. Even then, it's difficult.
I wish there was a way for the thermostat to start at 60 and go up to 65 once I fall asleep.

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