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Shyao'Shyo Hymn

Last night, I re-drew the picture of Shyao-Shyo's boat and barge on larger paper so I wouldn't have to spend money printing it out on big paper. I then wrote the names of people I knew who had died, putting the names in little representations of souls being ferried along in the boat and barge.

Then I did something else. I think it was House Hesson that had the idea of children singing a hymn to Shyao'Shyo. Last night, while I was redrawing the boat picture on large paper, I had an inspiration for a tune and then soon had a song for it, too. Enjoy:

“A Children's Hymn to Shyao'Shyo”

Grehj Zahlahsahn niikohliht grehn
Sii'juug ehm spwii'kusuup;
Ehk meh'roo seh vahs kiiliikii,
Kuhbdohn ookyl-bahn nehruup!

Sii'juug flo ehk gyah'hee,
Sii'juug foht ny'bahnahkahn;
Lii'juug1 jokij hohrt'nyky,
Djai bain sahn!

Click here to hear it sung.


Our Grandmother ferries us
Away to (the) [land of the dead];
A place of much peace,
Before everyone reincarnates.

Away in a boat,
Away for another life,
Away from this life,
She be great!

1 = There are different words for "away" depending on context. Sii'juug is "away [as in on a journey]" and lii'juug is "away [as in not here]."

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