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Creepy brain?

So... I tried to get Amy to watch this great comedy movie called "Dark Shadows." She got so far in and couldn't watch any more because ghosts scare her. Ghosts. Scare. Her. This is the girl who watches Dr. Who regularly, and it's *ghosts* that scare her? Sheesh, they weren't even very realistic ghosts, and they were totally benign ghosts (except towards the villain, later. And even then, all they did was rush at the villain.) I found myself gobsmacked that anyone could find anything remotely frightening about "Dark Shadows." I mean, it's a delightfully cheesy comedy!

Of course, Amy's often talking about how she and people she's known have had encounters with violent ghosts, and I've tried without avail to reassure her that violent spirits are extremely rare; mostly ghosts just walk around being creepy. Though I may be biased, seeing as the only encounter I have ever had with a spirit was once I walked into Lilla's and my new apartment years ago, sensed a ghost, and sensed it doing the entirely silent equivalent of looking at me and immediately running away screaming. Still not entirely sure what THAT was all about. Though I suspect Shao'Kehn might have scared it off. However, I have read and heard lots of accounts of hauntings, and violent ghosts seem vanishingly rare.

There's also the possibility that I just have the kind of mind that isn't easily scared. Hell, I often find myself having dreams that I admit as a child would have scared the shit out of me, literally, and are merely somewhat interesting to me now. Monsters, creepy houses, all kinds of stuff. In fact, a lot of these dreams I have I think are totally awesome.

I guess there are other signs of my being not easily frightened, too. The first season of "American Horror Story" was not the least bit frightening to me. I kept thinking, "Well it's interesting, but I wouldn't classify this as horror." It wasn't until the second season, with horrible insane asylums, serial killers, and people being put in looney bins against their will that it got really scary. And now the third season... aside from the opening scene of the first episode, the rest so far has been a whole lot of "they call this horror?" for me. I've seen scarier episodes of Buffy than some of this season's episodes. Don't get me wrong; it's an interesting story, but aside from that initial opening scene, not remotely scary.

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