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Last night I was shaving my legs and had this overwhelming compassion to shave my arms as well, so I did. It immediately felt more natural to me. I wondered, then, why that was. It wasn't until after I thought about how many feminists are against shaving body hair and will deride other women for doing so, that I realized it wasn't an issue of femininity to me; it is a dysphoria connected to my being otherkin. As soon as I realized this, it made sense, and I felt silly for not realizing it sooner. Ah'Koi Bahnis don't have body hair. The only hair they have is eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair on top of their head. Beyond that, no hair anywhere else. Their skin has scales so small you need a magnifying glass at the very least in order to see the scales, and this makes their skin smooth and cool to the touch, even though they are mammalian. Not mammals, because that is a Terran type of animal, but mammalian in the sense that they have (some) hair, and produce milk. They also have a placenta. Well, technically two placentas; a normal placenta, and a secondary placenta that connects the nervous system of the mother to that of the child, so their children are able to speak immediately after being born. Which I've long since known is why I find human infants... strange. And gross.

Mammalians on Traipah come in a lot more diverse types than they do on Earth, as well.

Body hair has ALWAYS been an issue for me. It didn't really bother me when I was a kid, since a child's "peach fuzz" tends to be so fine and almost invisible, but once it started getting longer and darker and thicker, it became an issue for me. It felt (and still feels) unnatural to me. I started shaving my legs as soon as I could. I didn't do my arms for a long time only because it would have gotten me bullied even more than I was, but I could not stand that horrible leg hair to be there.

Nowadays, I can go months without shaving my legs mainly because shaving just takes so much more energy than I have, usually. Luckily for me, my leg hair is still hard to see even when it's at full length. Same applies to my arm hair, even more so; I shave that very infrequently because it doesn't bug me near as much. Oh, and that reminds me, leg hair is also a body heat issue, too. I overheat easily, and I prefer my skin to be cool to the touch, which doesn't happen with leg hair there. Shaving cools my legs down, which is good.

I just wish I could get this damned leg hair to STOP GROWING. Same with the arm hair, too.

On a related note, I've always had dysphoria regarding my skin color, eye, and hair color, too. Because my Ah'Koi Bahnis side's skin color is a solid darkish amber color, with amber eyes and black hair. My white, freckled skin always looked and felt wrong to me. Like I was seeing a stranger in the mirror. If I changed to my ideal form in the night one night, I might be startled when I look in the mirror, and I might be worried about how it would affect my ID card and papers, but beyond that, I would finally be comfortable with what I saw in the mirror.
It's not a race issue, though; it's an otherkin issue. Ah'Koi Bahnis don't have human races, and skin color has no connection at all to race for them. The closest thing the AKB have to the concept of race is that there are several sub-species of their people. Which reminds me: one of the AKB races is a race called the Gwiimihn, and they were very short. In fact, they stop outwardly aging before they ever reach puberty; they look like children their whole lives. And I think when I lived there, I may have had at least two past lives there, because both Tiirgihn (basically normal adult human female in appearance, except for the eyes and the lack of body hair) and Gwiimihn body types feel "Right" to me. Like either one of them would be preferable, feelings-wise, than the body I have now.

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Oct. 31st, 2013 08:33 am (UTC)
I just wish I could get this damned leg hair to STOP GROWING. Same with the arm hair, too.

With your coloration, laser *probably* won't work. But electrolysis will work on anybody.

But it'll take months/years and get spendy.

Nov. 1st, 2013 12:24 am (UTC)
Nov. 1st, 2013 07:54 am (UTC)
You should check it out anyway. Then you can figure out how to budget it.

It'll be easier when you get an apartment here.
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