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Barefoot Goddess

I've mentioned this before, but Djao'Kain/Shao'Kehn (my primary Goddess) never, EVER appears wearing shoes or socks of any kind. She is literally ALWAYS barefoot. When I try to imagine Her wearing shoes or socks, well... I can't. Which I guess makes sense, since every now and then She will appear in my mind's eye walking around barefoot in the city, stepping on nails and glass, and leaving melted glass or iron behind. You know, because She is a fire Goddess. (Well, chaos fire, but whatever.)

Okay, now I'm picturing that melted glass or metal forming into footprints and cooling that way. Wouldn't THAT be interesting!

Anyway, I mention this because something about that image, of Her melting dangerous things when She steps on them, arouses me. Of course, I like to just imagine Her walking in general, that arouses me too, because She is so very beautiful and sensual and sexy.

Sexy text follows. If you want to turn back, do so now.

Sometimes, I like to think about Her while I, er, pleasure myself. Of course, She and I have a romantic and sexual relationship (inside brainspace alone, obviously), so She gleefully eggs me on when I do. Last time we had fun together, She used a whole bunch of extra hands, something like six different arms, each one doing something different. And we both had Ah'Koi Bahnis anatomy, too, so long prehensile members that retract into the vulva were involved. I don't recall if that was one of the times when She was in Her pregnant form, but it may have been.

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