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Neat kinda dream I had

I just remembered this dream last night at work, but I had it a couple nights ago...

I dreamt the other night that Lord Voldemort had found a way into the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, and was going about trying to find out how to turn himself into a homunculus without losing his soul or the power of his Horcruxes. Why? Because homunculi heal quickly, some of them are shape-shifters, and they can only be killed in the presence of the remains of the person they were meant to become (due to the human transmutation that birthed them). So if Voldemort could become a homunculus without sacrificing his soul or without having remains to weaken him, he could become impossible to kill.

The dream never resolved itself, though. I think I woke up. But it was interesting while it lasted.
Tags: dreams, fanfic, in the land of the weird, weird stuff
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