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Glamour spells are killing our kids

In magical lore, "casting a glamour" means using magic to make someone more beautiful than they are; IMPOSSIBLY beautiful, in fact. NOBODY looks that good without the "magic" of the modern glamour. The fact that models and actresses are called "glamorous" is not a coincidence. The fashion industry, Hollywood, and television all use "movie magic" to cast glamours upon these people. Makeup, extreme methods of weight loss, purposefully picking people who are already above average in looks while filtering out anyone that doesn't fit their standards, special lighting effects, camera effects, special lenses, even Photoshop - all these are tools of the modern glamour mage.

They are casting glamours on these people, but they almost always present these people as being somehow normal. It is a distortion; it is making people in our society, especially children, think that they are worthless for not being able to compete with those people for looks, because they don't know it's all a lie, a spell cast with Hollywood magics; they don't know it's impossible. Even people who know, intellectually, that it is impossible still fall prey to it subliminally.

This is why we need to start dis-empowering the glamour spells by showing truly normal people on TV and in movies - people upon whom the glamours have not been cast. People who are not filtered by attractiveness. Average people. Overweight people. Even "ugly" people. They need to be represented, and the glamours need to be shut down. Because it is causing suffering and even death as people attempt to be as glamorous as the people in the media, or killing themselves when they cannot.

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