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Art: Kusahnia, Goddess of Knowledge.

So last night I spent a several hours (from about midnight until about 5 am) drawing a picture of Kusahnia. I drew it in such a way that it would end up being rather big in PNG format, so I can maybe at some point print it out at Kinko's, because I drew it using the graphics tablet and my computer. I tell you, I am so glad I found the right mix of settings to get that thing to work properly!

It took me a long time to do, because I was using a photograph as a model and I wanted to get the hair as close to the same as possible, since that photo is what inspired me to do the drawing to begin with. It's a lot less ambitious than the original plan, just Kusahnia holding a book, but it still took hours of work.

Also, the picture being so big and the screen so relatively small, and the fact that I had to zoom in to get the lines right, I made mistakes. Well, one mistake that took two tries to correct. The mistake was that I did the bottom wrong, gave her EXTREMELY long legs, and made the bottom much wider than she was, so She ended up looking kind of cone-shaped at first. I picked a spot higher up and made it the new bottom, made it narrower. But the first attempt to fix it wasn't good enough; however, it was good enough of a fix to allow me to imagine Her legs underneath the clothes and thus get it right the second time. And being a digital medium, COMPLETE ERASURE of mistake areas, and no faint mistake lines! Woot! Though for the same reason, I kept saving every few minutes (in MyPaint's Open Raster format), only saving it to PNG when it was done.

Anyway, the copy I am about to show you is much smaller because that's what Photobucket does. So I've uploaded a closeup as well.

Oh, and before you ask: No, it is not an oversight; Kusahnia's hair is meant to be white. Kusahnia is described in the story in which She appears as having "brown speckled skin like a leather-bound book, blue eyes lit like lanterns, and paper-white hair." I didn't get the speckling, but I did give her brown skin. Which makes sense, since the model in the original picture that inspired this one, has brown skin.


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