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I run hotter than most people

I run hotter than most people do. To the point where I think 75 degrees is fucking BOILING HOT. Like in Lilla's parents' house right now, at least in the ground floor area. The basement might be better, especially since the windows are usually open.

Yeah... this "running hotter" thing is great for the winter, means I can keep my apartment barely warm. (Come to think of it, that might be an issue with Amy later.) But in the summertime, ugh! If I had the money to have a summer home somewhere that was cold during summers here in the USA, I would totally do that. Just as long as it wasn't too cold, and just as long as there wasn't any snow. I hate snow.

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Jun. 12th, 2017 02:40 pm (UTC)
I'm Hot, Even In Light-Weight Pants

I ❤ beautiful weather; however, I don’t like it when it’s super hot outside. Today just happens to be one of those scorching hot days. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many pairs of shorts. ☹ Nevertheless, I’m attempting to remain cool in light-weight and light-colored clothes on this hot Monday.
It’s not even ten in the morning, and it is already extremely warm. Relief isn’t supposed to be here for a few days, and I don’t think it’ll cool off too much. Today is one of those days I feel hotter than usual, even though I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything to make myself hot. Needless, I’m hoping I can stay cool by hanging with my wonderful boyfriend—maybe playing our baseball video game for a bit—then trying our new one before watching the Cubs game tonight.
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