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"Small Town Ennui" a poem I wrote

Aside from the being broke part, and despite the 5th stanza pretending it's a two-people-with-two-bodies dialogue, this is essentially - in poem form - an internal dialogue we had the other night.

"Small Town Ennui"
By = Lolita Leigh Smith
(one of the system mates of Tristan A. Arts)

I'm feeling restless, let's go out tonight!
Let us leave our house and our home!
But where to go at this time of night?
Come on, now, throw me a bone!

We could eat out at a restaurant!
No no, I already ate.
What about our theatre haunt?
It's not open, because it's too late.

We could go shopping, whadda ya say?
We can't - the Pamida store closed at ten.
A game of bowling we could both play!
But both alleys are closed, my dear friend.

Then it's off to the bar to play us some pool!
I don't drink and I can't stand the smoke.
Go to the hotel and swim in the pool?
It's winter, and also I'm broke.

Well, we don't have wheels, so there'll be no cruisin',
Wanna make out, by the by?

Do you want me to give you a bruisin'?
I'm a lesbian, and you are a guy!

Well there's nothing to do and nowhere to go,
Everything's closed, it seems.
And all that remains for somewhere to go
Is into each others daydreams.

Tags: creativity, funny, poem, things i've written
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