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Pretty fingernails!

I did my fingernails last night, wanted to show them off before they got all chipped and stuff.

I plan on buying a sunshine yellow polish to replace the orange, because I don't much care for the orange. May buy some other colors as well. I want, eventually, to have each nail a different color. But I only have 6 colors of polish right now. (The others are so old they've gone all weird.)

For the sake of the blind, and people who want to know the color names (when I know them), the colors are currently in this order (well, reversed, since the webcam acted like a mirror):

Left pinky finger AND right thumb: robin's egg blue
Left ring finger: a pink I'm not terribly fond of, that looks more like a red.
Left AND right "naughty" fingers: a glitter-full kind of dark purple.
Left AND right pointing fingers: A glitter-full light purple.
Left thumb AND right pinky: metallic light green.
Right ring finger: an orange I don't much like.

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