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Prayer works differently for different people.

Had a funny moment earlier that inspired me to write this:

Situation: Lilla asked me to pray for a friend of hers who is in possible danger.

Other people obliging: Hands clasped in prayer, eyes closed, several minutes of prayer. Either that, or several minute long ritual at their altar later that day.

Me: "You heard her, Shao'Kehn."
Shao'Kehn: *nods*

~ ~ ~

Yes, that last bit really happened. :-) Lilla asked me to pray for her friend, and since I didn't know the friend's name, I said to Shao'Kehn: "You heard her, Shao'Kehn." :-D Yes, sometimes all I have to do to pray is address the goddess living in my head with something as informal as "you heard her." :-D That's how our relationship is. :-)

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