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Sneering mobs

A friend of mine who spanges1 (spare-changes) because she used to be homeless and is only not-homeless because I let her sleep in my living room told me last night that she'd spent all day in the hot sun spanging and got only $4 and a lot of dirty looks. I asked her why she didn't use her parasol, and she said people would assume she wasn't really that in need if she could afford "luxuries" like a parasol, which cost all of $8, and also doesn't take into account that many homeless people still have some of their pre-homelessness belongings. The friend I mentioned has an Acer laptop, and I've read stories about homeless people using their laptops or iPads to make money. Heck, said friend wants to save up for an iPad and one of those credit card-reader dealymabobs so people without cash on hand can pay her for her artwork.

I suppose the sneering mobs think such "luxuries" should be sold for food. Idiots.

It also infuriates me that people tell her stupid things like "get a job." She's been trying to get a job for years and years, and has not had any success. (Except for one place that wanted her to do illegal stuff and fired her when she refused.) She's filled out and returned hundreds of job applications, with no luck. So all those fucking sneering idiots need to either fucking CAN IT or DIE IN A GODDAMN FIRE.

(Mama tiger is protective of her cub, yes indeedy.)

All of this is especially infuriating considering that we have the resources, technology, and networking to end poverty and hunger RIGHT NOW but the damned souls that profit off of the evil monster known as capitalism won't let us.

Grrr! I just will never understand anyone who defends capitalism. It is an inherently evil system that promotes greed and sneers at compassion. It can just fucking go to Hell.

1 = Spanges pronounced spain-jez. Spanging pronounced spain-jing.

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