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I don't understand Lilla's mom

So just now I found tortillas in Lilla's mom's fridge. This on its own is odd, since tortillas don't need refrigeration. Just keep them in a sealed or resealable bag (which many brands now come in already) and keep it sealed, and tortillas will last unrefrigerated for MONTHS and still be good. They also come out of the package much more easily when kept at room temperature.

What makes it stranger is that this is the same woman who puts normal leavened bread in bread boxes. Which, I'm sorry, is stupid. Put a loaf in Thursday and it'll be moldy by Sunday. I'm not just making up a for-instance, I have literally seen a fresh loaf put in the bread box on Thursday and seen the same loaf on Sunday, maybe two or three slices used, and it's as green as the lawn from mold. There is nothing quite so heart-wrenching to someone as poor as I am as having to throw out a whole loaf of bread that could have been perfectly good if it had been refrigerated, because she was using a fucking bread box. Why do they even MAKE breadboxes anymore? Grrr.

Anyway, put a loaf of bread in the fridge and it will last WEEKS (as long as you keep it wrapped up in plastic)! Hell, I've betimes found things like bagels in my fridge that had been in there for months, and they were still good. Not simply edible; good. Bread is weird like that; keep it out, and it's the food equivalent of a mayfly. But refrigerate it, and it's the food equivalent of Methuselah! Granted, cold bread does get stiffer than room-temperature bread, but not by much.

For a woman who is constantly complaining about saving money and about how much things cost (despite the fact that by my standards, she and her husband are filthy fucking rich), she sure doesn't have any real idea about how to save money. She could save soooo much money on bread just by putting it in the fridge!

Oh, and she leaves fruit out, too, until it goes bad. And leaves out leftovers at times. (Granted, they're usually for Lilla to eat as soon as she gets home, but who knows how many hours these things were sitting out in the meantime?) With all the food she leaves out, I'm astonished this house isn't infested with fruit flies!

And I just remembered that it gets even more WTF: she freezes loaves of bread. I've seen them in there. It's a WTF because she knows to do this but doesn't know to refrigerate them. o_O What. The. Fuck. Is. WRONG. With. This. Woman?????


EDIT: I nearly cried the time I saw a bowl of rotting tangerines in her kitchen. And she KEEPS BUYING THEM. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

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