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Rowling needs more consistency in her laws of magic.

So magic in the Potterverse can create drinkable water from nowhere, create birds and snakes from nowhere, turn desks into living animals, refill bottles of alcohol to the point that two very large men can get passed-out drunk on just two bottles, chairs can be created out of thin air, Harry says to Dumbledore "but she could get food by magic" and Dumbledore didn't contradict him, and it's only in the seventh book that J. K. Rowling gives some weird excuse for how anyone can be wanting for food in the Potterverse?

I mean, think about it; the excuse given by Hermione says that if you have some food, you can multiply it (Jesus and the loaves and fishes, anyone?), transfigure it, or "if you know where some is" you can summon it. But that doesn't explain the other stuff. If you can turn a desk into a living cow, why can't you then kill the cow with the avada kedavra curse and then eat it? If you can summon birds and snakes from nowhere, why not other animals? Along with avis and serpensortia, they could have bovinesortia! And nobody had to know where water was to use the aguamenti charm, nor did Harry have to know where more alcohol was to refill the bottle of alcohol. Granted, there was still some in the bottle, so maybe he was just multiplying an existing amount, but honestly, if it can be multiplied, what possible realistic reason could there be to explain why it couldn't be summoned from nowhere?

At least my Lyria storyverse's laws of magic make sense and forbid the creation of food in a more realistic way. See, in the Lyriaverse you can make existing matter do all kinds of things, but the more complex the magical construction, the more effort it takes to make it. Even Lyria, who is more powerful than any human mage in existence, needs the assistance of magical tools and substances like godsblood to give her enough power to create her more complex things.

In the Lyriaverse, the only thing preventing someone from making food with magic is that it's more effort than it's worth. In that storyverse, to create something out of nothing is insanely difficult. There are only so many substances that can be created from nothing but magic, and those are all magical substances (adamantium, luftstein, luciferrite, godsblood, ferrannum, and the like) and they are so difficult to make that they're worth several times - maybe even a dozen or more times - their mass in platinum.

Which is not to say there is nothing you can do with food or water in the lyriaverse. There are spells the extract water from the air, but of course if there isn't any, or much, then you're wasting your effort. There are spells to turn seawater into fresh drinkable water. There are levitation spells to levitate food and drink to yourself if you can't reach it. If you have living food plants or animals, there are spells to make them grow faster and bigger, but it still takes time; instead of weeks or months to grow to maturity, the plants can be made to get the full size and maturity in a matter of days. This is helpful, just not in a dire emergency where you need food NOW. Animals that take years to get to full edible maturity can be made to get there in a week or two, with magic.

And, of course, if you know where some food is, you can summon it.

Granted, if you were wealthy enough to have a few vats of godsblood or some ferrannum and needed emergency food and couldn't get it by easier means, you could use the godsblood or ferrannum to power a spell to make some food. But even something relatively simple like a piece of bread requires you to basically spell out the whole effing molecular composition of the bread in the diagram-spell, which could take days, even weeks to get right, and if you get it wrong, the whole thing could explode like an atomic bomb.

Now if you already have a loaf of bread, and need more, then you could use a soul-name catching crystal to speed up the process of copying it, but the spell could still take a day or more to write out. Whereas there are portal and teleportation spells that could get you somewhere with some food in just a few minutes and wouldn't need godsblood or ferrannum unless you were a really piss-poor mage. Then you could easily trade an ounce or two of godsblood for as much food as you could need for one meal. (Hell, you could probably buy food for half a phalanx with the money from selling a few ounces of godsblood.)

Oh, and of course this all assumes you're a very well educated, skilled, and powerful mage.

So in the lyriaverse, bending spacetime to teleport yourself to another planet in another universe: only a little difficult, requiring the equivalent of a high school diploma or GED. Making a single slice of bread out of nothing: requires the equivalent of a Master's degree in magic, takes enough godsblood to buy a small country, takes weeks to set up, and could wipe your city off the map if you make a mistake.

This doesn't just apply to food, either. Making ANYTHING out of nothing, unless it is relatively simple, like adamantium, is prohibitively difficult. And making life? HA! It *is* possible to bring life back into a dead body, revive the dead or put a new soul into an old body, but that takes more magical power than most human mages have. Lyria can only do it, and with relative ease, because she's been changing herself so much that her power level is beginning to rival the top Elvin mages. And it won't be too long before she gets to the point where she'll be able to hold her own against FAE mages.

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