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Introversion/extroversion is a spectrum

At a recent pagan meetup, we were having a discussion about introverts and extroverts, because someone who had been to a previous meetup had commented on the website that we weren't introvert friendly, which was strange because both me and Sorcha, the people who run the thing, are introverts. We decided she became overwhelmed and decided to blame us rather than own up to her own unique issues. After all, there's rarely more than about 15 people at these meetups of ours. And when I twice went to an ageplay meetup and got migraines both times from the noise due to the place being full of 40 or more people, I didn't complain to anyone; I knew it was my own issues at fault.

The discussion then went on with me adding information I'd run across on Tumblr the other day, which made total sense to me. It was about how people had a tendency to oversimplify the introvert/extrovert thing as introverts being asocial or antisocial and extroverts as being attention whores. But there are varying degrees of introversion/extroversion, it's a spectrum. It's complicated; lots and lots of considerations go into where a person is on the spectrum, and it may even change with mood and changing circumstances.

For instance, one of the people at the meetup basically described themselves as being smack in the middle between introvert and extrovert.

And as an example of changing circumstances, I offer myself as example:

1. It depends on the group and how well I know them. Even on the rare occasions when the pagan meetup has 20 or more people, maybe even 30 or more, I don't react the same way. With new groups of strangers, as in the ageplay meetups, I got migraines from noise and being shy and uncomfortable and unable to connect to anyone. But at pagan meetups where there've been over 30 people there, I had no problem because I knew enough of them.

2. During the meetup last night, I was excited and having fun and loving every minute of socializing. Then by the time I got home, I was so socialized-out that I barely said three words to my roommate (even though we're normally chatty with one another) and ran off to my room as soon as I could to begin recharging.

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