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It feels like I've been away from the Net for a month, but it's only been *counting* five days. Shit.

Why didn't I get online on Monday? Because I had to go to Creston. Got a ride from Joni, seeing as I don't have a car anymore. Closed out my bank account there and my lockbox at the bank. Got some stuff from Mom and Dad that they forgot to give me on Xmas. (A red velvet altar cloth with tassels, a DVD of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, "Heart of the Soul" by Gary Zukav, and two more Kaki King CDs... which will teach me to put every CD of a band I'm interested in on my wish list before I've really heard any of their music. It's okay music, Kaki King's music, if you need to fall asleep. No, that's me being serious. It really is great lullaby music.) And of course, I work at 2 PM every Tuesday and Wednesday. So not enough time for the Net then.

I had already been seriously considering getting the internet in my apartment, and after this long stretch, I have decided for certain I am getting it. Not sure where to get it from, though. *Just* Internet from Mediacom is prohibitively expensive for some reason (almost $50 a month), though bundle it with cable TV and it's only $29 a month. The telephone company is an idea. But even though I don't get many phone calls, I don't want to tie up the only phone line. Being an apartment, I can't get a second line.

I don't care as much about TV as I used to, but even if I did I don't see how I could have both cable TV and cable internet on one freaking cable connection. And ain't no way I'm paying $50 a month for anything smaller than a car.
Tags: music, random, work, xmas
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