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Additional new name for myself

I have a few names for myself. One, of course, is my Traipahni name, Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk. Which essentially means "flirtatious, tree-loving clergy." Another is my Shao'Bahn title, Ahnabahn Morph'oht'spwiigohl Taykay'yah, meaning "[Reverend] Beautiful Pyre." Oh, and I'm an avatar of Shao-Kehn's "Shao'Mort" Aspect.

Well, after reading something by Robert Anton Wilson last night, I had an inspiration for another new name. I'm still gonna keep the others, this is just something new to add. Kind of a second Shao'Bahn title:

Shao'tahlahk Zahvahshwahr Jyjiibahn1
[Chaos dance] [Strong mind] [Mage]

It's basically a reminder that none of us "are" more than ever-changing events in space-time, to remind myself of that.

1 = Jyjiibahn pronunciation: rhymes with "die me dawn." Meaning is actually "magick person," but that means a magick user, like a mage, witch, sorcerer, etc.

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