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Harry and Luna

I don't like how J. K. Rowling did the whole Harry/Ginny thing. I have nothing against Ginny/Harry in principle, because I thought her crush on Harry was cute. But the way it was done in the end sucks. Harry has zero interest in her until halfway through the sixth book, and suddenly WHAM! He's smitten. When I first read the 6th book, Harry's feelings for Ginny seemed to come out of nowhere, and I strongly suspected Ginny had used amortentia on him. Re-reading it many times, I still think that his feelings for Ginny came out of nowhere. It all has the feel of Rowling forcing them together against Harry's will, like Rowling went "DRINK THE LOVE POTION, POTTER! DRINK IT!" I don't know about Rowling, but if I tried doing something like that to a character, they would stop cooperating, and then any attempt to write them would make them feel flat and lifeless. The soul of the character would be gone.

Personally, if I had been writing the series, I would have put Harry and Luna together. There were enough moments in the fifth and sixth books between them that felt to me like the two characters trying to tell Rowling they wanted to be together, that I would have noticed and would have obliged. Yes, it would be a strange romance, but theirs was a strange yet magnetic friendship, after all. And I would have done it more gradually, more obviously, and more organically. They might not even be officially dating until after the war, if done properly. Maybe build things up and have Harry kiss Luna dramatically after vanquishing Voldy.

So yeah, I think J. K. Rowling is one of those people who more or less accidentally crapped out a classic series, but her writing skills are so appalling in places, especially in the later books, that I have no interest in anything else she's written, especially not stuff for adults. And I doubt I will, unless it's more Potterverse books. And not this stupid Pottermore shit, but an actual series. From what I've seen of her writing, she needs to stick to children's books because she doesn't have the skills to write for adults. She's still 1000 times better than Stephanie Meyer, but that isn't saying much. A mentally retarded chimpanzee with hooks for hands could write a better book than "Twilight" by smearing its feces on paper.

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