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Gosgolot Deities

Entry #1

Name: Pofoshiintus
Name meaning: Merciless Star Lord
Class: VaHK-tuma
Sub-class: Shiintu-Bahn (Star People, as in a living star; all stars are alive to the Gosgolot POV)
Represents: Pofoshiintus IS the sun of the Traipah system.
Personality: As a VaHK-tuma, is immensely old and powerful. Either does not notice mortals or does not care. Responsible for making life on Traipah, by accident. Would not be hesitant to swat Traipah out of the sky if it was in His way.
Story: Ate the corpses of some relatives, possibly His own parents or grandparents, after possibly killing them in a fight for dominance. Ate their flesh, forged their bones into the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets of the solar system as a territorial marker. Used Traipah as a toilet on his way back to the center, accidentally creating life in the process. Now stands in the center of the system howling into the void with His light and heat as another territorial marker, presumably.
Other names:
    * Naipah (old word meaning “He who must not be named”)
    * Howls of Flame
    * The Daystar/Merciless Daystar
    * The Bright Death
    * Pitiless Sky Lord
    * Water Killer/Water Eater/Water's Demise
    * Thirstmaker
    * Nyzviindah (means “Life and death”)
    * Cannibal Star
    * Merciless Glory
    * The Bright Darkness
    * Howler Into The Void
    * Screaming Death
    * Lord of the Wastes
    * Daily Reminder of Our Insignificance/The Reminder
    * Sight-taker (if you stare at him too long)
    * The Foot Which Stomps (on our every achievement)
    * Lord of Futility
    * Deadly Host (if planet is a parasite, the host is the sun, and the “food” is toxic)
    * Tyrant of No Kingdom (basically saying he's a tyrannical “king” over a kingdom he has
no awareness of.)
    * King of the Fire Realm
    * Monarch of Ashes (implying his subjects are ashes waiting to happen)
    * Azya-Zyaturu [Ahz-yah Zyah-too-roo] (Basically “Alpha Omega”)
    * Bone Lord (reference to bleached bones and to the bones he used to forge planets, etc)
    * The White-Hot Eye of Fire/The Eye
    * The All-Staring Eye (implication that He stares but does not really see; not blind, just
not paying attention)
    * The Wind That Burns All Sails
    * Orphan-Maker
    * The Passive Predator (implication is that if he ever became an active predator we should
REALLY worry then)
    * The Alpha Beyond/The Alpha Above (reference to the alphas of a Duenicallo pack; He
is beyond/above all of those mortal alphas in power,
as well as being literally above and/or beyond them)
    * The Ultimate Alpha
    * Nyahlah of the Sky (a nyahlah is a creature like a large crocodile, but it has warm blood,
feathers, and a toothed beak. Much faster, meaner, nastier, and
hungrier than any crocodile. Ahbahss is still plagued with them.)
    * Nyahlah of Fire/Nyahlah With Red and Gold Plumage
(nyahlah = nigh-ah-lah / nigh-all-uh)
    * Fiery Jaws of Death
Tags: gosgolot, religion, spirituality, traipah, worldbuilding
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