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May have to go about this differently.

I originally started work on the Gosgolot religion with the hopes of coming up with a solar deity to transplant to Yahgahn. But it seems that's not going to happen. I know now why Shao'Kehn and Ahndahn work in both religions, and why Pofoshiintus will not work in Yahgahn; because they are different types of deities. Even though Djao'Hkein and Iandyn (the Gosgolot versions of Shao'Kehn and Ahndahn) are hundreds of orders of magnitude more powerful than Pofoshiintus, they are a benevolent class of deities that can, and DO, relate to mortals, by multiplying off little bits of themselves.

Pofoshiintus, on the other hand, is of a class of deities that are powerful and don't notice or care about mortals. As I was writing out the list of other titles and names the Duenicallo have for Pofoshiintus, I realized that they're fucking terrified of this guy. It'd be like if someone genuinely believed that Cthulhu or Azathoth was a real life monster lurking out there somewhere, and terrified that calling its name in any kind of ritual or magick working was not only putting themselves at risk but also gambling with the lives of everyone on the planet. If any Ah'Koi Bahnis even suggested the possibility of transplanting Pofoshiintus to Yahgahn with the intent to work with him in magick (the way some fluff bunnies stupidly try to work with, say, Bielobog or Hekate for something outside of those deities' range of influences), most Duenicallo - whether they were Gosgolot or not - would probably freak the fuck out. I even ran scenarios in my head.

One of the human characters I came up with for the scenario said "Duenicallo are huge. They're upwards of five feet tall on all fours, and when they walk on their hind legs, they can be 10 or more feet tall. They're also bulky, hugely muscular predators that are very intimidating. Their strength is such that they could make a human head fly across the room with a casual swipe of one fore-paw. So to see a being that impressive and strong break down in terror like a human toddler chased by a lion when I idly suggested I was going to summon Pofoshiintus, was... unnerving to say the least."

So yeah, gonna have to find some other way of coming up with a Yahgahn solar deity.

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