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Gods are not always great

“Gods are not always great”
A Gosgolot story.

Long, long ago, there was a newborn star named Pofoshiintus. Now the stars are not social creatures, and are very territorial. This is not to say they are entirely asocial or antisocial, they just prefer their own company. They love their elders, but do not spend time with other stars. When stars do get too close to one another, they threaten one another, or fight.

Pofoshiintus was like most stars, with his own territory. When one of his nearby elders died, he ate the corpse and forged the bones into planets, asteroids, and comets. He did this only to decorate his territory and warn others away. And on his way back to his perch, he shit, pissed, and farted on the third planet to relieve himself after eating his ancestor. Traipah was, to Pofoshiintus, nothing but a convenient toilet.

Little did he know, then, that his waste products eventually turned into life, once it had cooled down. All plants, animals, and planimals alive today – ourselves included – arose from this waste.

And so, because he did not intend to create life, and either does not know to this day that he did, or does not care, the sun shines in the sky not because he loves us, for his pitiless rays kill as often as they give life. Pofoshiintus does not shine for our benefit; he shines because that is what stars do. Nobody knows what stars eat, if anything, but their heat and light may be nothing more than waste products, like the heat we ourselves give off, only more intense.

Or it is also possible that his heat and light are the star equivalent of howling into the night, declaring his territory, keeping other stars away. And even more terrifying yet, is the possibility of other things lurking in the waters of The Void. Things that do not emit light. Things that even the stars fear. For we know stars can die; we have seen their explosions. But stars live far longer than we do; untold amounts of time. What ancient horrors could lurk beyond the bright howling of Pofoshiintus, that may possibly be able to kill and devour even stars?

Then, too, is the possibility that the light attracts whatever it is that stars eat, like certain fish are known to do. Is Pofoshiintus a great hunter, then? Luring prey to his territory and slaughtering it for his meals? Or all of the above? We do not know. We have only ideas.

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