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So, adding to my already existing issues with summer, of heat and sunshine, I am sensitive to air conditioning as well. Most AC units give me headaches after a while, a bit like most earphones do. I've only been in one house I know of that didn't do this to me, and that's Lilla's parents' house.1 I don't know how they manage it, but the place is just cool enough to be comfortable without being cold enough for the AC air, and whatever is in it, to give me headaches.

That much I've known for ages. But the other day I figured something else out.

I was with Brooke, rolling the carts toward Winco grocery store, and started to feel in my stomach something like anxiety twisting my guts. I tried my usual thing, when that happens (as it does on occasion), of imagining exhaling red energy (representing negative energy) and inhaling blue, positive, energy. But I only got so far as attempting the exhale when it activated my gag reflex so hard I almost puked. Now, this has happened before, but I found myself being perplexed. Why was I feeling anxious about going into the Winco? Grocery shopping is a relaxing activity for me. I hadn't had any problems earlier, when I had gone to Trader Joe's and then Grocery Outlet earlier in the day. So why now?

I didn't immediately figure it out. But after I'd been in the Winco for about half an hour, feeling a little ill and having lost the energy to really go on, and really wanting to leave ASAP, I finally figured it out. Something in the Winco AC is different from other AC's. I wasn't getting a headache, but I *was* getting ill from it. I finally was able to remember the same thing happening at many other trips there. I remember that the only times it hadn't happened was the times I went alone. When I go alone, I am faster, getting mostly just things on my list and skipping lots of sections. But with Brooke, I follow her; and she goes systematically through every section of the store, skipping only the animal food section and the surrounding aisles most of the time. So I'm there longer, which means more time to get ill. And I realized that my body was reacting to the knowledge that we were approaching the Winco, and so giving me that anxious feeling as an attempt at a warning.

As if to verify this, I began to feel better as soon as I left the building. I was still tired, and took a nap when I got home. But I did feel better after leaving Winco.

1 = On reflection, I do remember a few other places I've managed to not get headaches at, for some reason. But for the most part, air conditioners do bad things to me.

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