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Interesting bit of info about Pi

An interesting bit of information about Pi, the shapeshifter that lives in my head with the rest of us:

He's very bestial in some ways... growls and hisses at stuff he doesn't like, revels in shape-shifting into monstrous forms. Hell, the other day he didn't feel remotely humanoid; more like some kind of giant spider/reptile hybrid. He wanted to crawl into an upper corner of the bedroom and build a silk nest there. I don't think he really would have, if he could; not with Amy in the house, anyway. I can just imagine her coming into the dark room, turning her head left, and seeing glowing red eyes from the corner of the room, and running away screaming, never to be seen again.


He is also very well-spoken.

Okay, there's this thing we do sometimes of running the same hypothetical stimulus through the imagination of each of us, to see how each would respond. It's something to pass the time, and it does often have good uses. Anyway, we were doing that the other day, the hypothetical stimulus was "Somebody on the Internet criticizes something in something we posted, and it isn't grammar." Alex had one of two possible reactions, and both were different ways of telling the person to fuck off. One was very very angry, the other was calm, but still had his characteristic "grumpy" signature.
When Pi's turn came up, he hissed at it, but then calmly responded "If ever I find myself desirous of your opinion, I shall consult you at that time. For now, however, I shall disregard you."

Pi's voice, in my head, sounds pretty cool. Deep, but not as deep as Negarahn's voice, and not inflected the same way. I wish y'all could hear it.

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Aug. 10th, 2013 12:24 am (UTC)
Re: ... Michelle's species? What?
For one, Pi's species has a "true form" = humanoid, smooth grass green skin, and very long and distinctive ears that come to a point and are prehensile.

I have no idea if Michelle has a true form... she has lied about it in the past. At one point it was a toothed duck... uh... yeah...

Pi doesn't shapeshift to mess with people; he does it because he enjoys it.

Michelle states she enjoys messing with people and she enjoys shape shifting. She could choose to not mess with people... but that would just seem like half running the race.

there are two related species of Omni-Daemon. Vrayshra are the most populous species. The other species is Pyenari. Pyenari can get more out of their food to begin with, and they can also eat souls; they have trans-dimensional spirit tendrils that are "barbed," and they trap and pierce the soul and drain its energy. Again, they prefer to avoid eating sophonts. Their bodies are also more efficient at energy/matter conversion. All this means they have to eat less frequently, about once a month. The Vrayshra tend to hate the Pyenari, but I suspect the Pyenari will outcompete the Vrayshra into extinction.

Pyenari sounds more like Michelle. Michelle doesn't really use her barbs. Something about it not being sporting enough. Removes the fun.

The Pyenari have no interest in out competing the Vrayshra... as there isn't any amusement in that. As sort of, "Wwwwwhhhhhhhhhyyyy?? What would we get out of that? Would it be particularly funny how we did it?"

Also... Michelle states that she is happy her species has a name. Usually that never happens... and she is giggling up a storm about it. "They have something they calllllllsssss uuuuusssssss! Eeeeeee~~~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3"

Kind of similar to an Oglaf Comic (Survivor) for how that tends to usually work.

Have you considered attempting to have Pi file reports and information? Michelle has mentioned a weird, almost instinctual, inability to not file and sort stuff.

I dunno.

Suddenly... I think I realised the reason why Michelle is such a jerkface. It is her getting back at her instinctual requirement to file and order stuff.

In fact... if it turns out that Michelle is a Pyenari, this Rainman type quality might be how they ended up more efficient hunters... and why they scare people.

Just imagine C'thulhu being required to count every toothpick, order it in size and shape (by C'thulhu standards)... and using that ability to sort and improve its own ability to kill.

the amount of energy they get from prey is proportionate to the potential lifespan of the creature they're eating, and most of their prey can live hundreds or even thousands of years. Eating a human would be like eating a light snack

It would explain why/how Michelle got me to have immortality around like ten or eleven. Increase the life span of the food you are eating means more time to feed onto something.


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