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Interesting bit of info about Pi

An interesting bit of information about Pi, the shapeshifter that lives in my head with the rest of us:

He's very bestial in some ways... growls and hisses at stuff he doesn't like, revels in shape-shifting into monstrous forms. Hell, the other day he didn't feel remotely humanoid; more like some kind of giant spider/reptile hybrid. He wanted to crawl into an upper corner of the bedroom and build a silk nest there. I don't think he really would have, if he could; not with Amy in the house, anyway. I can just imagine her coming into the dark room, turning her head left, and seeing glowing red eyes from the corner of the room, and running away screaming, never to be seen again.


He is also very well-spoken.

Okay, there's this thing we do sometimes of running the same hypothetical stimulus through the imagination of each of us, to see how each would respond. It's something to pass the time, and it does often have good uses. Anyway, we were doing that the other day, the hypothetical stimulus was "Somebody on the Internet criticizes something in something we posted, and it isn't grammar." Alex had one of two possible reactions, and both were different ways of telling the person to fuck off. One was very very angry, the other was calm, but still had his characteristic "grumpy" signature.
When Pi's turn came up, he hissed at it, but then calmly responded "If ever I find myself desirous of your opinion, I shall consult you at that time. For now, however, I shall disregard you."

Pi's voice, in my head, sounds pretty cool. Deep, but not as deep as Negarahn's voice, and not inflected the same way. I wish y'all could hear it.

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