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Not really surprising.

A few months ago, I wrote a short story wherein a large chunk of the story was told from the point of view of a male Basilisk. (Male Basilisks being humanoid, as opposed to their serpentine female equivalents.) I was thinking about that story again today, and remembering how very GOOD I was at portraying his point of view; basically, Basilisks are among the most unpleasant creatures in the Lyria universe, and pretty much no other creature - even other dragons - can tolerate them for long. Plus, from their point of view, only creatures capable of speaking Bazlask, the Basilisk language, are sophonts. All else are animals. And humans they view as talking meat, a bit like primate parrots.

The odd thing is, while I disagree with that point of view, I understand and relate to it more than I understand and relate to the human point of view. And I resonate with it to some degree, because people I don't know I usually treat as background noise at best, or annoying obstacles.

Also, with Pi in my collective, I keep mentally shifting into non-human forms, like dragons or whatever.

Oh, and then there are the terrifying Harun, who basically don't think of anyone but themselves as sophonts, and are cold and emotionless. I don't do them justice; reading something written by Pi wearing his Harun Mask will chill you to the bones the first time. It used to scare me. Now I'm just kind of like "Yeah, I see their point."

It's not that it was a surprise... I just sometimes forget the depth of how little I understand humans, and how little I identify with them. It hit me especially hard earlier, when Pi was strongly up front. I felt draconic, semi-reptilian. He was doing stuff like hissing at crosswalk lights, which seems to be an effective spell to get the light to change.

And the more we work on breaking down The Filter, which arose to make us act like a singlet, I just know one of these days Pi is going to hiss at some idiot and garner us a "WTF" look. :-) I can't say I object. I wish I'd had Pi with me when I was a child. If everyone thought I was crazy like some kind of animal, they might not have dared bully me for fear I'd bite their necks open.

Having Alex around and able to speak his mind, when I was a kid, would have been cool too. But I don't know if *that* would have helped me.

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