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Pacts versus prayers

As is being pointed out in Alex's book "Pacts With The Devil" by S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph. D., there is a difference between pacts and prayer. Prayer is an act of supplication, begging a higher power to help out. Pacts, on the other hand, are bribes to entities with different powers, or a trade with them, one thing for another. Like with my recent pact with Djao'Kain and Kusahnjiijahn, I specifically called it a pact because it was a trade: in exchange for their help, I would give them the attention of other people, because attention is the food of the gods and similar entities.

I'm not entirely sure prayer is always an act of supplication, though. At least, not the way I do it. A lot of what might be considered prayer by others is more on the order of asking a favor of a friend. I don't have a suplicating/submissive relationship with my deities (except sexually, with Djao'Kain); we're equal but different. So sometimes I do pacts with them, and sometimes I do "prayers" that are more like asking a favor of a friend. I don't know, I think I ought to come up with another term for that. Because the way most people pray, it IS supplication.

I can't think of a better word right now, though.

Okay, and now I just had an interesting idea for a kind of casual pact: some kind of divine money. Either place this divine money in a bank, or burn it, or somesuch, as a way of doing a quick pact without the paperwork? Like, what would the money represent to the deities? Like, maybe it would be charged with attention, even put on display somewhere, and have their names on it; different "money" for different deities, kind of paying things forward? Like, "I charged these full of attention for you, so this act of burning it (or banking it) now represents payment for something I'd like you to do for me."

Hmm... needs more thinking upon.

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