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Busy day today

Got up around noon today and very quickly left, without eating. This was because my stomach was still upset, had been all night long. Those Pepto pills don't frakking work. So I went to Rite Aid and got some extra strength liquid off-brand pepto (comparable to the name brand), and took some the moment I got out of the store. It took several hours for it to finally work!

After taking the pepto, I went to the library to quickly print out proof of income for food stamps, and went to the Aging and Disability Center which is only a few doors down from the clinic I go to. I went there because they'd told me all my medical and food stamps stuff was being transferred to them, since I had applied for that program which pays my Medicare premium for me, through them. But, that place's food stamps paperwork is two pages at most, and about a week ago I had gotten one of those enormous, like, 15 page applications from my old food stamps location. So I went to the Aging and Disability Center hoping it was a mistake, and that I could fill out the shorter form instead.

Well, no such luck. My stuff was all still in the process of switching over, so they couldn't let me do the shorter one this time. Next year, though, for sure. So I had to sit there for an hour or whatnot trying to bully my brain into the kind of thinking needed to fill out the long-ass fucking form.

Part of why I hate the longer form is that it's also for medical and cash for families and a bunch of other shit I don't need, but nothing is clearly labeled, so I always end up answering at least a few questions that are irrelevant to what I'm filling the form out for. And then, as with any form, there are questions I don't understand and have to ask for help on, and details I've forgotten. And I'm pretty sure these forms were originally written in Aramaic, then run through Babelfish about six times before getting to English. And even then, I think they write it in code just to confuse people.

Well, finally got all that shit done and handed in. Next stop was Ikea for a couple things. But the line #6 bus was so crammed full of people, I had to get out before I'd gotten all the way to the MAX. By then, the Pepto had worked and my stomach was like "EAT SOMETHING NOW EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO RESORT TO CANNIBALISM!" I just happened to step out in front of a Starbuck's, and I had money on my Starbuck's card, so went there. It was one of those weird ones I sometimes see, with a drive-through counter on one side and a walk-up counter on the other, outdoor seating, the only thing indoors is the employees and their work station. I ordered a ham and swiss panini and a small iced tea. Swiss is a weird cheese... it tastes absolutely disgusting when cold, like sweaty gym socks, or unclean feet. But melted, it's delicious. I don't know why that is. Anyway, yummy sandwich eaten, I walked the last four blocks to the MAX, got the Red Line right away, and was on my way to the Cascades area.

Before going to IKEA, I went to Best Buy trying to find a new cord for the Nook. Last night, I found my Nook was out of power to the point where it wouldn't do anything. But when I tried plugging it in to charge it, the light didn't come on. Waited with it like that for over 4 hours just in case, and still no change. So, I'm hoping it's just a dead cord, since it was an el cheapo cord from FredMeyer's. But they didn't have the kind of cord I needed. You know, for an electronic's store with as huge of a computer section as Best Buy has, you'd think they'd have more than two kinds of USB cords for sale. I've seen better selections of USB cords in Rite Aid! It was effing pathetic, it was.

Then, on my way to IKEA, I couldn't resist the siren call of Staple's, where I popped in and got a few things I'd been needing. Found some Rose Art brand markers for $1 a box, and got some more pens, among other things.

Then went to IKEA. Got a cheap set of food containers, and a new trash can. Oh, and some lingonberry preserves. Then I went home, prepared noms, and went over to Brooke's. She is currently napping.

Unrelated, but might as well add it here: as soon as the baby-blue nail polish I have on falls off, I'm going to redo my nails, alternating among five colors. I would have liked to have done a different color for each finger, but I don't have enough colors, and I don't want to buy more just for that.

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