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White savior trope breakthrough

I can't believe it took so long to see this, it was so obvious! Thought of the perfect way to mock the "white savior" trope. It was in Lyria's history to begin with, really. I just have to more heavily outline the salient points when I write the stories about her past.

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Jun. 29th, 2013 04:11 am (UTC)
Semantic romantic that I am ... Savour of the whites?
As in - is that even thinkable?
Jun. 29th, 2013 04:31 am (UTC)
Re: Semantic romantic that I am ... Savour of the whites?
Well I already knew Lyria came from a place somewhat like Africa (called Okonikaat), from a culture with magical equivalents of a lot of modern Western technology (and in some ways more advanced than us, because of what is and isn't easy to do with magic there), was exiled, and eventually found her way to the white-dominated country of Dralakkith and introduced Okonikaatan technology (as well as her own inventions, for she IS a genius) to that country, becoming the richest woman in the region. Hell, the richest ANYONE in the region. Her vault, in her fortress, contains the equivalent of millions of dollars from dozens of different countries. So I had already known she'd swooped in and completely transformed that country in the over 200 years she's lived there.

Now I'm just adding the details that A. The whole region was full of constant war. B. She decided to make the region her first experiment, manipulating all the white cultures in the area to stabilize the region just because she found humans easier to manipulate than dragons and other sophont species in the area of Ahv, where she was living after her exile. C. She felt pity for "those poor white barbarians." D. Along with Okonikaat, all the other advanced-tech cultures in the Taanshibaartic* region of Orion are either dominated by people of color, or by non-human sophonts. E. She missed being around other humans.

* Orion is a super-planet, about the same surface area as Jupiter, and is hollow. The inside is supported by adamantium beams. The planet is artificial, created by the gods, and would collapse, possibly into a small black hole, if not for magic. The Taanshibaartic region is defined by the roughly circular super-continent of Taanshibaar, the relatively calm ocean it contains and keeps seperate from the mega-oceans, and the earth-continent sized continents within that inner ocean. The whole region has more surface area than the planet Earth does, because of the super-continent.

Super-continents shield inner oceans and smaller continents from the mega-hurricanes, giant sea monsters, and other horrors of the mega-oceans.
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