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Tiny House

      I just saw something weird on TV. It was an ad for what looked like a new reality show called Tiny House, where this couple has to live in a house made for dwarves (as in, you have to bend over to not hit the ceiling) for a year. They had me going for a while, I was staring at the screen with a look on my face like "Holy shit, that's weird." But the last line, "but it won't save them any money on car insurance" revealed that it was an ad for Geico (a car insurance company for those of you who aren't American). I was laughing so hard I was afraid I'd split a seam, when the truth was revealed. They're making those more and more believeable now, and more and more funny.

      And actually, I would've actually watched that fake reality show they were advertising for, if it had been real. Maybe not constantly, but one or two episodes at least.

      My gods... you know what? Comedy Central is even joining in the reality craze, only this time with an ANIMATED reality show. Okay, here I'm thinking, "how can it be a reality show if it's animated?" However, knowing Comedy Central, I assume it's a show mocking reality shows. Should be fun. :-)

Chaotic Blessings;
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