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A couple nights ago, a story that had been itching to get out of me for weeks finally began to flow out. In two nights, I finished it. The result is the short story "King of Serpents," a story in the Lyria Spellspinner universe.

The story is basically about Lyria helping the city of Vraygrotta deal with a male Basilisk1 seeking revenge. Which is basically "Don't try to stop him. Help him if you can. Be very very careful either way. Then when it's all over, clean up the mess."

The story jumps from point of view to point of view, one section being one character's POV, the next section being another character, and so on. My favorite part of writing it was the part where I was writing the Basilisk's POV. Basilisks make Klingons look like baby bunnies with pink bows around their necks. They're nasty, even evil. And they don't consider humans to be sentient.

The most remarkable thing about this story is that the death toll is so LOW. Basically because of Lyria's help. Given what happened even with her help, I think that without her, the country of Dralakkith (where she lives) wouldn't exist anymore. Because of ONE angry male Basilisk. (And the females are even worse!)

1 = For those who can't access that post, basically the female Basilisks are the giant serpents of legend, and the males are 7 foot tall humanoid Dragons.

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