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Rape culture is vile.

Why is it, in this culture, that so many excuses are made on behalf of rapists, and rapists protected when the victims are adults, but even being *accused* of molesting a child (no matter how outrageously obvious its falsity) will get you on the sex offender registry without even a conviction? Hell, just having too many photos of fully clothed children is considered "child pornography" in some places, and can get you on the SRO.

The problem seems to be that we take the rape of children WAY too seriously, literally doing more harm than good in the process, and assuming anyone having sex under 18 years of age is automatically rape, but once they turn 18 nobody gives a fucking shit anymore. WHY?

The grievous overreactions taken to "protect" minors are at least somewhat understandable; people want to protect minors but don't want to have to do any thinking, so "Fuck it, anyone having sex under 18 is automatically rape because we're too lazy to consider things on a case by case basis."

And yet, for all our apparent zeal to "protect" minors from molestation at all costs, it's like society thinks that turning 18 magically turns all males into sex-crazed lunatics who can never help but consent (unless it's gay sex, then it's sodomy!) and can't control their own impulses, and all female rape victims into equally ravenous sluts who will do or say anything to pretend they're still "good girls."

Frankly, this kind of thing should be insulting to EVERYONE. Men should be insulted that everyone thinks they're potential rapists and that it's okay because "you couldn't help yourself." And women should be insulted that liking sex makes them bad girls and that nobody will believe them when they report a rape. And trans folk should be insulted, too, but those reasons are too complex for me to want to go into right now.

Also, allow me to point out something about rape culture. All the things rapists say to excuse their behavior (well, many of them) are the exact same excuses that CHILD MOLESTERS make. "Oh, she was asking for it" "Did you see how she was dressed?" and so on. Why is it that these excuses sound vile and despicable when child molesters say them, but rapists and even people who had nothing to do with the rape all say roughly the same things? If it's vile for a child molester to make excuses for rape, it ought to be considered vile for ANYONE making those statements about adult/teen rape victims, too. You don't see very many people willing to make excuses for child molesters, but strangely the same crime becomes magically excusable when the victim is either and adult or a teenager. Think about that. Tell people this! Explain to rape apologists exactly how vile they sound until they get the fucking message!

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