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For every door that closes...

Well, I was a bit worried, because the rent is going up again in July, to more than I can afford. But two things may take care of that for a bit longer. First, I may be getting my Medicare premium paid for me, I forget whether by the state or at the federal level. That means an extra $100 a month for me, once it kicks in. This also means I will be able to get Medicare part D as well, get my prescriptions paid for.

Secondly, I met someone who needs a place to stay and can pay $300 or more to stay with me. I've scanned her with my Mutant Power, and she's a good person. Homeless currently, but with a steady income. After explaining what happened the last time I let a homeless person stay at my place, she even offered to pay the $25 for a background check, which I didn't know was something I, as an individual, could have done. (Hell, if I find that the remainder after expenses is enough, I could even possibly get Internet at home again.)

Anyway, neither of these things is for certain yet, but it's looking hopeful. I think my prayers to Shao'Kehn and Kusahnjijahn are finally paying off. An extra $300 to $400 a month income would give me plenty for both rent and utilities, with extra remaining. Which is good, because looking for a new place and moving are even more difficult for me than looking for a job used to be, and I currently can barely afford toilet paper.

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