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Things I would love to have/do

Things I've wanted for years and haven't yet gotten the courage to do, even when I had the money:

1. Get my ears pierced. (Fear of needles)
2. Dye my hair pink.
3. Get the Shao'Ahn'Dih'Gahn tattooed over my left breast. (Fear of needles)

Things I want to get when I can keep more of my money:

1. A wooden staff.
2. A woolen winter cloak.
3. An e-reader.
4. Proper "garb." Specifically a dress like this: this, this, and others of various appearances. I'd like to have a whole wardrobe of garb dresses, so many I could choose to never wear modern style clothes ever again if I wanted to.
5. Some nice hats I can actually feel good about wearing.
6. Armored rings. Like the Terminator ring here. (The "Iron Reaver" and "hand claws" ones are cool, too, but with the blades on them, I'd be scared to actually wear either of them anywhere outside of the house.)
(Edited to add #7) 7. A hearing trumpet. No, seriously. It would be a lot more useful to me than a hearing aid, given the fact you can aim them. Hearing aides just amplify everything, and that wouldn't help me at all. (Besides which, one of Shao-Kehn's Aspects uses a magical ear trumpet that lets her hear the cries of the dead and dying.)

Things I'd get if I were moderately rich/saved up enough:

1. A machine capable of brewing about 5 gallons of iced tea at a time.
2. A very large fridge, and separate freezer.
3. Custom Ubuntu/Windows dual-boot laptop or PC with a 2 TB drive, blu-ray DVD burner, and high-end speakers.
4. One of those high-end computer drawing tablets, where the drawing surface doubles as a monitor.
5. iPad or Android tablet.
6. A push-scooter that can actually hold my weight (preferably 3 or 4 wheels, and one that can be folded up). Either that, or a Segway.

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