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Ubuntu over Windows

My laptop has been a dual-boot machine, using both Windows 7 and Ubuntu, for over a year at least. But only recently have I really taken to using it a lot. I started using it more often when the only Windows browser that would do Words With Friends properly was Internet Explorer, then IE crapped out and now only Maxthon will do Words With Friends. There are a number of other minor annoyances on the Windows side that makes Ubuntu my preference everywhere but at Brooke's. Only used Windows at her place, because we both get on Trillian and send each other links.

But now I'm seriously thinking about using Ubuntu even at Brooke's. Because now I've got Empathy working, and doing most of the accounts I use. The only account I use that I can't get to work is Yahoo IM, which I can't figure out. I know I have the username right, and I also changed the password when I couldn't be sure which one I was using it, and even putting in the new password, it won't work. But oh well. Yahoo IM has never worked particularly well for me, and I was only using it for Lilla. But since Empathy does Facebook chat, too, that's not really an issue now.

The only issue I have with Empathy is, I can't hear the sounds it says its making for notifications. >:-(

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