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First time for everything

Last night, something happened to me that's never happened to me before: I fell out of bed while sleeping. And got a nosebleed from it.

This is weird, because I don't move around much once I fall asleep, and when I do, I can straddle the edge for hours on end without being in any danger of falling. The only time I'd ever fallen out of bed before, I was awake, and had fallen out from laughing too hard at something in a book. But that was about 15 years ago, and I wasn't hurt by that.

So here's what happened last night: I was dreaming about walking from one Iowa town to another, nude, along a highway. Nudity in dreams doesn't bother me, like it does other people, unless I'm also cold. Anyway, I was walking along this highway. I looked back and happened to see a school bus coming over the distant hill. So, thinking I'd better not let the school bus people see me, I hid behind a series of evergreen shrubs until it had passed.

Then for some reason I went across the nearby farmland instead of going back to the highway. I was headed for a road ahead that intersected the highway I'd been on. At some point on my way over there, I spontaneously was clothed again.

At the intersecting road, there was what looked like a truck stop. I went over there to try to find a way back to the side of the highway, and didn't find anything at first. So I went inside the truck stop instead. But inside, it was some kind of steel mill or something, so I didn't spend much time in there.

When I got back outside, I found what I'd been looking for, in the form of a hill by a shallow ditch (ditches by rural Iowa highways are extremely common). The hill was being turned into a garden, and there were implements still around, as though the gardener had stepped inside to get something.

I started walking down this hill, when Bugs Bunny came burrowing up through the ditch. I was suddenly Daffy Duck. This would all have been funny, except that Bugs was now carnivorous and looking at me like I was dinner. Something told me I'd somehow be safe if I made it to the highway again, so I started to run for it. But Bugs had a small army of other hungry carnivorous rabbit friends who popped out of the ground and attacked me. I fell to the ground (in the dream only) and counterattacked with garden implements I could reach, but I was losing. I suddenly got the bright idea to roll down the hill to the highway, so I did. Only... I also rolled in real life, off the bed, hitting my nose on the bedside table as I did. I had quite a nosebleed from it, but luckily for me, nosebleeds don't last very long before they stop bleeding, as long as I mop up what comes out. So less than 2 minutes after being rudely awoken by crashing into the furniture, I was alright again. Though my nose is even now a little sore.

It was only halfway through my night when this happened, though, so I went back to bed after the bleeding was definitely gone. Though this time, I moved the table farther away from the bed, and lay with my body pressed against the wall, just to be safe.

I hope nothing like that ever happens again.

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