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Old blocks

This was written Sunday, February 24th.

As exhausting and annoying as all the glitches in our trip to Faerie Con West have been, I have become incredibly thankful that I was able to come along with Lilla and Cat. Between the huge boost in my imagination from all the ideas at the panels, and the awesome music, and the lovely people, I feel like Saturday and Sunday here at the con rejuvenated me in ways I hadn't even known I'd needed.

Also, an old block came undone today. I had not felt any kind of romantic love for anyone in years until today, when I fell head over heels. I won't say who it is, and it's another of my hopeless crushes that I used to have ten of at a time, if not more, but I can say this: it was the most intense feeling I've had for years. I had to strongly resist the urge to fall to my knees and proclaim my undying love and devotion. For, I was not going by looks alone but also by what I knew of her personality from my interactions with her. And it's entirely a romantic feeling; I would give my left leg and a kidney just to be able to be in her presence whenever it's convenient for both of us, and to hold her hand. Most human beings drain me of energy, but she fills me with so much energy, I bet I could stay up for three days straight from her energy output. And it's not that she's energetic or hyper, far from it; she was quite calm and mostly still. But something about her aura was like a Tesla coil, with me a lightning rod.

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