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Waiting for 5:30, when the train arrives. No wifi at the station, so I went a couple blocks to a coffee place on 2nd, called Tully's. Wanted to get a message to Cat Faye, whose phone is out of minutes, about where I am... but Lilla is asleep and rarely answers her phone even when she's awake, and what I thought would be a simple online search for the phone number of King Street Station came up with a whole bunch of numbers, none of which were the one I wanted. So that's annoying.

More glitches in the money budget. Apparently, the ATM Lilla was checking her balance at charges $3 just to do that, which is utterly fucking ridiculous, and she didn't seem to register this fact when she checked her balance several times. Worse, where my bank automatically reverses ATM charges that show up on my. We just barely were able to afford the room (card isn't charged until checkout) but we can't get an earlier train, and there's pretty much no money for food. We wouldn't have had breakfast at all if Lilla hadn't had money on her Starbuck's card.

Oh, and the reason she checks her balance with the ATM? It's because she has no patience with computers when things go wrong, has no awareness of when she's entered something wrongly, and refuses to ask for help.

Anyway, still glad I got to go to Faerie Con West, even if so much has been messed up. It's been a huge energy boost to me, and has unblocked some things in my mind/soul that were blocked.

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