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Shao'Kehn and shoes

Earlier today, I was trying to picture Shao'Kehn wearing shoes or stockings of any sort. Mainly because I was wondering what would look good on me if I looked like Her, since I would LOVE to look like Shao'Kehn. (For those who have forgotten, Shao'Kehn has long black hair, amber eyes, and dark amber skin. She is slender but not overly so, and curvy without being overly so. And gorgeous, as well.) She's always barefoot, whenever I see Her feet, even though She wears other clothes most of the time. But I was surprised, today, to find that no matter how hard I tried, I cannot picture any kind of foot wear, whether shoe or stocking, on Shao'Kehn. It's like trying to put two of the same magnet poles together; they repulse each other. So it seems that Shao'Kehn doesn't like anything on Her feet. Which kind of makes sense; for one, She's a fire goddess. For another, the only place on Traipah that ever gets below 50 degrees F is Kohrihn, the continent at Traipah's north pole. (Well, except maybe some mountains.)

The only way I was able to get any kind of shoes on Shao-Kehn's form was concentrating on that form being MINE. Even then, anything other than sandals felt wrong.

(By the way, like the rest of Her, Shao'Kehn has lovely feet. I'm not a foot fetishist – nothing against them, though – but I do appreciate nice looking feet.)

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