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Welcome spin on an old classic

I have so many dreams where I'm back in high school, either because I haven't yet graduated in the dreamworld or because my graduation was revoked for some reason and I have to go through it all over again, that such dreams are driving me even crazier than the "family and I are moving/have moved/are in the middle of moving/or are just living in a creepy house together" dreams used to. Almost all the high school dreams feature homework forgotten or not done, missing books, can't find my locker, and have cafeterias and/or bathrooms prominent in them. In some, I'm lucky enough to be a cis female. In others, I'm openly trans and nobody cares. In others, I'm in boy mode. There's even been a few where I was naked, but unlike most people's "naked in public" dreams, whether this is a problem or not depends on the season. In the warm months, when I'm usually sleeping nude, neither I nor anyone else seems to care that I'm running around naked at school. In the winter, though, when it's sometimes cold in my room (I keep the thermostat between 60 and 65), only then does it become a problem, because when my body is cold during one of those dreams, I keep trying to put on clothes from my bookbag, and obviously it doesn't work.

But last night I had a different sort of school dream. In this one, I was in ELEMENTARY school. No idea what grade, possibly 5th. I forget what I looked like in the dream. Last time I had an elementary school dream, I was Molly (7 yo blond female). But in this one, I don't recall. It wasn't any school I'd ever been to in real life. (It never is, even when there are real people from my old schools in the dreams.) Mom was there, too, as a teacher. Not an art teacher, like she is in real life, but as a math teacher! (Which is extremely unlikely.)

Anyway, we were making living golems out of clay at one point in the dream, and then loaning them out to others. And at another point, we went outside and discovered that the playground was ENORMOUS! Like, it was at least 4 or 5 city blocks long!

Anyway, it was fun. :-)

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