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New prayer to my food, possibly.

I pray to the departed spirits of my food, thanking them and wishing them peace. But it's usually just the TPNN equivalent of "Many thanks, spirits of my food; You Are The All." I decided to write one a bit more formal, and more in line with the strong Left Hand Path leanings of my path. It is, in fact, inspired by a poem I wrote over a decade ago, called "The Dinnerplate of Life." Anyway, here's the new prayer:

I participate in the Circle of Death.
I participate in the Circle of Life.
I participate in the Circle of Spwii'ny'ky.1
All living beings are my siblings;
We are all children of Life,
And Life is a cruel mistress.
Before me are some corpses of my siblings,
Who have been slaughtered so I may live.
I pray their spirits find peace,
As I devour their corpses, become One with them.
Many thanks, spirits of my food, for your sacrifice.
Koh Soh Lah Kohrain.2

1 = Spwii'ny'ky means both "life" and "death" at the same time in TPNN, my constructed language.
2 = Koh Soh La Kohrain means "You Are The All" in TPNN.

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