The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Two-hand path

Some honor spirit, light, and soul as paramount--they understand not that spirit is dull and uniform without flesh, never truly alive, always wanting. And they understand not that light is nothing without the dark.

Some honor flesh, the earthly, as paramount--they understand not that the material realm is dull, lifeless, and uniform without spirit, never striving, never reaching, never really living, always lacking.

Some honor the darkness as paramount---they understand not that there can be no darkness without light.

I honor and worship both the spirit and the flesh, the synergy, for imbalance either way invites disaster. Together, and only together, do they ever truly live.

I honor and worship both the profane and the profound, for it is all a matter of perspective as to which is which, and mortal labels mean little to the real world.

I honor and worship both lust and love, for both are Divine, and neither can ever be totally devoid of the other. Lust is passion; love is impossible without passion, and life is impossible without love.

I honor and worship both the holy and the unholy, for regardless of mortal labels, all things are sacred in the sight of Kohraindehr, and The Gods. Suffering is caused by limits of one's perspective and abilities, but one cannot truly live without such limitations.

I honor and worship both Life and Death, for the Two are One. Many blame Death for suffering, but all would suffer ceaselessly without it. Death is ever the truest servant of Life.

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