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Went to the doc

Went to the clinic today, on an appointment I made just this last Monday. Got an antidepressant to try, called Paxil. Just $4, which I can deal with. I have another appointment in two weeks, and some kind of eligibility appointment for tomorrow, not really sure what that's about.

While there, I also had my blood sugar tested because I was worried I might have diabetes. Well the test came back in the normal range, so I'm satisfied for now.

That reminds me, the doc wants me to do a blood draw to test and make sure some of my depression symptoms aren't something like a thyroid disease. Maybe 1% of me agrees this might be a good idea, the other 99% of me is like "ALL ABOARD THE NOPE TRAIN TO FUCKTHATVILLE!" Needles AND blood, in the same go? HELL NO is nowhere near a strong enough response.

One last thing: apparently, as a result of the sleep test I did ages ago, OHSU said I had sleep apnea and needed a c-pap. This was news to me; last I'd known, they hadn't told me a damned thing. So apparently I'll have to make an appointment to go to this place in Gresham to see about getting a C-Pap. I hope Medicare will pay for the C-Pap, because if they won't, then I will not be able to have one because I can't afford to buy one.

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